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At Eagle Armory, Inc. we stock a variety of firearm and firearm accessories. We specialize in AR-15 magazines, stripped and complete AR-15 lowers, AR-15 lower parts kit and accessories.

AR-15 Grips

The choices of AR-15 grips are endless, from colors to different profiles there are more options than ever. We stock AR-15 grips from Command Arms, Ergo, Hogue, MAGPUL and more. AR15 grips are available in black, dark earth, od green, gray and more colors all the time.

AR-15 Lower Parts Kit

We have in stock, a wide selection of lower parts kits. From a basic ar15 lower parts kit without a trigger group, to two stage nm lower parts kits with upgraded grips. We carry AR-15 lower parts kits from CMMG, Daniel Defense, DPMS, Rock River Arms, Stag Arms and more. These ar lower parts kit will work well on any brand ar15 lower receiver.

AR-15 Lower Receivers

Whether you are looking for a stripped AR-15 lower receiver to build on your own or a complete AR-15 lower, we have many in stock to choose from. We carry stripped and complete lowers from CMMG, DPMS, LMT, Rock River Arms, Stag Arms and more. We have lowers that are marked MULTI, 9mm, 5.56 mm and 6.8. These mil-spec ar15 lowers will be a great base to build your weapon on.

AR-15 Magazines

There are many ar-15 magazines on the market today. Some are better than others. We carry AR-15 magazines from D&H Industries, they are available in 10 rnd, 20 rnd and 30 rnd capacities and black teflon or gray teflon. We carry the Lancer Systems L5AWM Advanced WarFighter Magazine. These are available in 10 round, 20 round and 30 round capacities. The L5AWM magazines are available in opaque black, dark earth and od green. They are also available in translucent clear and smoke variations. Probably the most popular ar-15 magazines on the market today are from MAGPUL. Our best selling AR-15 magazine is the MAG571-BLK, this 30 round magazine is also available in 5 packs and we offer the mag571-blk 10 pack. MAGPUL Pmags are available in 10 rnd, 20 rnd, 30 rnd and 40 rnd capacities. Pmags are available in black, dark earth, gray and od green.

AR-15 Trigger Kits

A quality trigger in your AR-15 an make all the difference. Our best selling two stage trigger kit is the Rock River Arms 2 stage NM trigger kit AR0093NMK. It is arguably the best bang for your buck as far as two stage triggers go. We carry AR-15 trigger kits from Rock River Arms, Geiselle and Timney.

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