AR-15 Lower Parts Kit

The AR-15 Lower Parts Kit is the core of any quality AR-15 build. There are many choices when it come to a quality AR15 lower parts kit. There are the most basic part kit that do not include the trigger group, a grip or trigger guard. Then you have the basic AR-15 lower parts kit that has all the components needed to finish your lower. Then you have your choice of grip styles, finishes and colors. You also have a choice if you want a right hand lower parts kit, a left handed ar-15 lower parts kit or even an ambidextrous ar-15 lower parts kit. The choices don't stop there, you can even choose what type of trigger group you want. From the basic, single stage trigger to the smooth trigger pull of a two stage trigger group. At, we have many AR-15 lower parts kits in stock from CMMG, Daniel Defense, DPMS, Rock River Arms and Stag Arms.  These kits will work with any standard AR-15 lower receiver.