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Our Order Process


When you place an order, depending what on what you ordered and how you paid for it, your order process will be as follows;

Your order has been successfully submitted.  Your status will remain this until we begin working on your order.  If you ordered after 5:00 pm, or on the weekend, that will be until the next business day.

Waiting For FFL
If you ordered an item requiring an FFL to ship to.  We are waiting for you to have your dealer fax or email their FFL to us.  You will receive an email with this update, if applicable.

Waiting For Check/Money Order
Your order has been successfully submitted, your items will be held, but will not be processed until the check/money order is received.  If applicable.  Funds must be received within 7 days of the order.

Waiting For Check/Money Order to Clear
If you paid by personal check, your order is held until your check clears our bank, can take up to 7 business days.  Orders paid by Postal money Orders ship the day the Money Order is received.  If applicable.

Preparing To Ship
Your Order is being processed and is preparing to ship. 

Your order has been processed and shipped.  You will receive an email with this status update, and an email later from the carrier that your package shipped via.  Due to numerous carriers now allowing packages to be rerouted from the printed shipping address on the package, we will NO LONGER provide tracking number for shipments containing firearms.

Keep in mind that the USPS package ID number is more of delivery confirmation than for tracking purposes.

Our system automatically sends you a welcome email when you register an account, an order confirmation when you submit an order and an email when your order ships.  We will also send an email when your order requires an FFL, ans when your dealers FFL was received.  If you do not receive an email when you register or any order status updates, check your spam folder/filter.  Some ISP also block the emails that are sent.  Also check to make sure you entered your email address correctly when you created your account.


free shipping